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Wake County To Close Remaining Consruction, Demolition Landfill

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RALEIGH, N.C. — When the South Wake (Feltonsville) Construction and Demolition debris landfill closes at the end of the week, Wake County effectively will be out of the C&D business," though drop-off recycling services will continue for drywall and wood pallets at the North Wake Solid Waste Management Complex.

The law does not require C&D debris to be buried in the more costly "Subtitle D"-lined landfill, as was federally mandated for municipal solid waste in 1993. For the layperson, that means keeping this type of garbage out of the County's North Wake Landfill is cost-effective, efficient and good for the economy.

"A key element of our strategic planning is to focus on stimulating markets for private-sector recycling companies for C&D debris," said Wake

Solid Waste Director Jim Reynolds. "For that reason the County is not

planning to construct any additional C&D handling facilities."

Wake County currently has close to 30 private recycling companies for

materials such as asphalt, cardboard, scrap metal, paint, brick and

concrete. Some companies require separation of the different materials,

while others will accept it mixed. The Habitat for Humanity Reuse Center in

Raleigh collects and sells discounted building materials to the general

public, and there are also seven privately owned C&D disposal facilities

currently operating within Wake borders.

The Solid Waste Division has produced a C&D waste management guide for

builders that will be distributed along with building permit applications.

"Our objective is to partner with all local governments to make this

information available Countywide," said Reynolds. "We're pushing for the

development community in Wake County to lead the way for environmental


The County's Solid Waste Division leads the C&D Task Force, a

collaboration of County and municipal permitting agencies, builders,

haulers and recycling companies that tracks C&D materials generated in Wake

County and promotes C&D waste reduction and recycling when feasible. For

more information regarding C&D waste recycling and disposal services, call

919-856-5216 or visit www.wakegov.com.

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