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Pollock Emerges As Tar Heels' Go-To Guy

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — North Carolina's Jarwarski Pollock is proving there's still room for little guys in a big man's game.

The 5-foot-7 wide receiver is third in the nation with 8.5catches a game, hauling in a career-high 11 last weekend at NorthCarolina State.

UNC coach John Bunting found Pollock in Florida while recruitingthe quarterback on his high school team and liked his energy anddesire.

"He's a good player after the catch, which is very important inanybody's offense," Bunting said. "And when we had him up here onhis recruiting visit he was a kid who was really excited aboutplaying football.

"I wanted some kids who really liked to play ball in my firstrecruiting class," Bunting added. "That is still the mostimpressionable thing about him. You know he's going to go out thereand give you everything he has. And he has a lot of fun doing it."

Virginia coach Al Groh said Pollock reminds him a lot of NewYork Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet, one of the top slot receivers inthe NFL.

"He's a very dynamic player," Groh said of Pollock. "He'sreal fun to watch. He creates some very, very difficult matchupsfor teams and he's hard to get pinned up when he's operating inopen space."