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Price Joins Coble, Jones As Congressional Race Winners

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Democrat David Price turned back two politicalnovices Tuesday to capture his eighth term in the FourthCongressional District.

In other races, Howard Coble and Walter Jones, Jr. also won.

In unofficial returns, Price has 71 percent of the vote, withRepublican Tuan Nguyen at 26 percent and Libertarian Ken Nelsonwith the remaining three percent with 39 percent of the votecounted.

The former Duke University professor was one of three NorthCarolina members who voted against a resolution authorizingPresident Bush to use military force in Iraq.

Price also was a member of a congressional panel that heldhearings around the country on ways to upgrade the nation's votingequipment and increase voter participation.

Coble, meanwhile, is going back to Washington asSixth District representative.

Coble, the senior member of NorthCarolina's House delegation, was challenged only by Libertarian TaraGrubb of High Point. Early totals showed him with 86 percent of thevote.

Jones, Jr., has won a fifthterm as Third District congressman. Jones faced only LibertarianGary Goodson, and early returns showed Jones with 92 percent of thevote.

Jones, whose father was a congressman from eastern NorthCarolina, serves on the Armed Services Committee.

In other races in which a winner has been declared:

Robin Hayes, R, elected U.S. House, District8, North Carolina.

  • Trudi Walend, R, elected State House,District 113, North Carolina.
  • Ed McMahan, R, elected State House, District105, North Carolina.
  • Phillip Frye, R, elected State House,District 84, North Carolina.
  • Mitchell Setzer, R, elected State House,District 89, North Carolina.
  • Jim Gulley, R, elected State House, District103, North Carolina.
  • George Holmes, R, elected State House,District 92, North Carolina.
  • Alma Adams, D, elected State House, District58, North Carolina.
  • Harold Brubaker, R, elected State House,District 78, North Carolina.
  • Arlie Culp, R, elected State House, District67, North Carolina.
  • Joe Hackney, D, elected State House, District54, North Carolina.
  • Thomas Wright, D, elected State House,District 18, North Carolina.
  • Mel Watt, D, elected U.S. House, District 12,North Carolina.
  • Sue Myrick, R, elected U.S. House, District9, North Carolina.
  • Richard Burr, R, elected U.S. House, District5, North Carolina.
  • Mike McIntyre, D, elected U.S. House,District 7, North Carolina.
  • Cass Ballenger, R, elected U.S. House,District 10, North Carolina.
  • William Wainwright, D, elected State House,District 12, North Carolina.
  • Dewey Hill, Dem, elected State House, District20, North Carolina.
  • Carolyn Justice, R, elected State House,District 16, North Carolina.
  • Charles Taylor, R, elected U.S. House,District 11, North Carolina.
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