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Textile Union Endorses Bowles

Posted October 11, 2002 2:35 a.m. EDT

— A textile union at odds in the past with Senate candidate Erskine Bowles is backing him in the general election.

UNITE didn't endorse anyone for the Democratic primary won by Bowles last month. Today, the union representing eleven-thousand workers in North Carolina announced it will endorse the former White House chief of staff over Elizabeth Dole.

Bowles was at odds with the union for years over his views on free trade. He backed the North American Free Trade Agreement and fast-track authority for the president on trade deals. Bowles has backed off that support and says current trade laws much be enforced more strongly to prevent illegal product dumping.

UNITE worker Bennett Taylor of Northampton County says it was time to give Bowles a second chance. Union officials at a Raleigh news conference also criticized Dole for her continued support of fast-track authority.

UNITE plans to run print and broadcast issue ads as the election approaches.