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Product Promises To Plug Leaky Pipes, Gutters, Hoses

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RALEIGH — From gushing gutters to hoses with holes, Leak Ender promises to fix them with a simple spray. Do the product's claims hold water?

Consumer Reports

testers first tried the spray on a rain gutter that contained several cuts in it. Once the spray dried, a tester filled the gutter with water and found the spray worked. There were no leaks.

Next, testers sprayed Leak Ender on a copper pipe with small holes drilled into it. This time, Leak Ender could not do the job. The fix did not hold, even with far less water pressure than what is in a home.

Leak Ender claims to fix garden hoses, as well.

To test the claim, a garden hose was cut with a knife and then sprayed with the seal. The hose leaked.

So for most leaks,

Consumer Reports

testers say Leak Enders' claims do not hold water.

The $19 product is probably OK for a temporary fix on a minor problem, according to Five On Your Side, but permanent solutions require serious fixes.

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