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Consumer Reports Tests Claims Made By Painting Device

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Paint a room and you will spend the most time painting around doors, windows, and molding. That is where the Pro Trim paint roller is supposed to help.

The product promises you will never need to tape around windows and moldings again.

Consumer Reports

tested the $20 device, which is essentially a miniroller with a plastic shield.

Right away, testers found it did not give the nice, clean edge it promised.

"You can see that the paint is on the back of the shielf. This paint now gets transferred onto this surface. There's paint all the way through on the trim," tester Bert Papenburg said.

Papenburg had to stop every foot or so to clean off the back of the shield that obviously slowed him down. In the TV commercial, Pro Trim claimed it can paint around just about everything, but in

Consumer Reports

tests, Pro Trim left behind tracks where the shield slid over painted areas.

The product ran into even more trouble on inside corners: an area it could not reach.

Consumer Reports

said you are better off getting a high quality sash brush with a slanted end. With a little practice, it makes a nice, neat edge.

A sash brush can get into corners that Pro Trim cannot reach, and it only costs about $10 -- half the price of Pro Trim.

Consumer Reports

also suggests not skimping on brushes and rollers. Stores typically sell a range of good, better and best. Experts said to choose "best" to get better results and painting will be easier.

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