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Novice Mayor Eager For Challenge Of Guiding 'Fayettenam'

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FAYETTEVILLE — When results were tallied on Election Day,Marshall Pitts Junior burst into victory lap around a crowded roomof friends and supporters. He ended with a fist-pumping leapthrough the air.

The youthful-looking lawyer had just been elected the firstblack mayor of one of North Carolina's largest cities. Victoryparties and champagne were ahead.

He must also deal with racial tension, economic problems and``Fayettenam's'' long-standing image as a grubby garrison town whenhe takes office December Third.

He must also work with businesses dependent on two militarybases -- the Army's Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base -- as thecity's civilian population digs in for a war that could drag on.

If large numbers are deployed, as they were in the Gulf War adecade ago, the economic drain could be fatal for some businessesand spell trouble for local government.

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