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RDU Air Traffic Down Less Than Expected

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — In any other time, a three-point-fourpercent drop in passenger traffic would cause worry for officialsat Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

However, in the wake of the September eleventh terrorist attacksand the shutdown of Midway Airlines, R.D.U. officials are pleasedwith the news.

The 195 daily departures is down from a peak of 326 over thesummer. But airport director John Brantley says airline bookingsthrough the winter holiday season continue to be strong with fewcancellations.

Departing traffic is down by about 150,000 passengerscompared with the first ten months of last year. Aboutfour-point-two million passengers flew out of R.D.U. betweenJanuary and October

R.D.U. marketing director Teresa Damiano says passenger traffichad been so strong going into the summer that the end-of-the-yearfigures won't look as grim.

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