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Traffic Tickets Go High-Tech In Garner

Posted February 9, 2004 8:50 a.m. EST

— Police in Garner are using a new high-tech system to speed up traffic tickets.

E-citations allow officers to enter information into their patrol car computer, instead of handwriting tickets. They can print a copy for drivers and the data is also instantly stored in the county court's database.

As long as the offense does not require a mandatory court appearance, recipients can go downtown and pay the fine right away.

The police department said e-citations reduces the wait time in courtrooms and lets officers spend more time on the streets.

Garner police have also started using a similar electronic filing system for accident reports. They said trading an ink pen for an ink cartridge can cut that time in half.

Garner is one of three agencies in Wake County using e-citations. Cumberland and Mecklenburg counties have also started using the program.