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Pair Claim World Record With Long Road Trip

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Two local men say they broke a world record with a very long trip and very little fuel.

Matt Oliver and Steve Ratcliff drove to all 48 states in the contiguous United States. On average, they got 61 miles per gallon from their hybrid vehicle. That's the least amount of fuel ever recorded for such a trip.

"We'd record that we entered the state, come back out and get back onto the route," said Oliver.

Ten years ago, two men from Texas broke the record by covering 7,200 miles with 163 gallons of gas. Oliver and Ratcliff claim they went 7,700 using 127 gallons of gas. They documented their journey by video camera.

"We went everywhere, but didn't really do anything other than we sat behind the wheel the entire time," said Oliver.

The two men are now waiting for Guinness Book of World Records officials to verify their data.

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