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Anti-War Rally In Chapel Hill Confrontational

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CHAPEL HILL — Demonstrators with opposing opinionsabout the war in Afghanistan traded barbs and insults Saturday nearthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Pro-war demonstrators tried to drown out those opposed to thewar while they were speaking at a rally and urged passing motoriststo honk their horns if they supported the fight.

When several hundred anti-war protesters marched down the streetchanting, eight to 10 people followed in a pickup truck waving aU.S. flag and holding signs.

One of the men made an obscene gesture at the protesters.Outside a gas station, several employees approached the anti-warprotesters and shouted obscenities.

Some of the pro-war people identified themselves as collegeRepublicans.

``We are here against the peace march,'' said Rheta Burton. ``Wewant these people, instead of going behind our nation, we want themto come together and support our troops.''

Some bystanders supported the anti-war protesters, nodding inagreement and chanting along with them.

Matthew Smith, a member of the Coalition to End the Cycle ofViolence, looking at the pro-war group's signs urging support forthe troops and the New York Fire Department, said, ``I don't thinkwe disagree with that.

``I think there's a lot of anger, and I think it's veryjustified and understandable that people are angry. I think I'mangry, and like everyone else I'm scared, but I don't think apolicy that comes from anger and fear will be a just policy or aneffective policy.''