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Father Speaks Out About Efforts Taken To Catch Man Trying To Seduce Teen Daughter

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Father Sets Up Web Cam To Catch Man In Act, Later Calls Police
GARNER, N.C. — More than 7,000

convicted sex offenders

live in North Carolina. One name on that list came after a local family took action to protect their 15-year-old daughter. They caught the teen's liaison with an older man on a Web cam.

The Garner father, whose name is not being released, suspected his co-worker at a technology company had been trying to seduce his daughter for months.

"He had actually been able to fool me for so long -- to keep me in the dark. I was afraid if I didn't catch him, he would try to get back at my daughter at some point," he said.

So, the father planted a Web camera in his den and then went next door to watch on his wireless laptop.

"This is one area where my daughter had a problem. I had to intervene for her safety," he said.

When the father saw the encounter, he called police. Minutes later, they arrested Devin Dorminey and charged him with taking indecent liberties with a minor.

"Video can obviously enhance a criminal prosecution. A picture is worth a thousand words," said Officer Jon Blum, of the Garner Police Department.

Police said parents thinking of doing this kind of activity should make sure they understand the laws first. The father did his legal research and the evidence was admissible in court.

"In my 14 years, I've never seen anything quite like this, but with the technology that is now available to the public and the police, it will be done more," Blum said.

The father said he simply tapped into his personal skills to solve a difficult problem.

"That's what I do at work. I am able to solve problems quickly and creatively. In this instance, it was to his detriment," he said.

Dorminey pleaded guilty and is on probation. According to statistics put together by the National Institute for Mental Health, child molesters who abused girls averaged 52 victims each. Men who molested boys each had an average of 150 victims.


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