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Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Says U.S. Will Need To Rely On Allies

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RALEIGH, NC — A former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffsays America will have to use allies in different situations as itfights the war on terrorism.

General Henry Shelton is in Raleigh tonight speaking at aninternational symposium marking the centennial of the WrightBrothers Flight on the Outer Banks.

Shelton says allies such as the Northern Alliance will be usedto erode forces of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But he says the U-Smilitary will have to balance military friendships with diplomaticones.

Shelton says Americans should expect a long conflict withterrorism and doesn't see an end until organizations that supportterrorism are rooted out completely.

Shelton attended the event at N-C State University, his almamater. He and his wife are Edgecomb County natives.