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Time Warner To Undo Making Its Channel Cable Default

Posted October 31, 2006 7:32 a.m. EST

— Days after making its 24-hour local news channel the default setting for thousands of area cable television customers, Time Warner Cable said Tuesday that it would remove the setting.

Time Warner reprogrammed cable boxes over the weekend, changing what cable customers watch when they first turn on the television. As part of a software upgrade, company engineers set the default channel to News 14 Carolina, a 24-hour news channel run by Time Warner.

Brad Phillips, vice president for public affairs for the company, said there was no hidden agenda in the move.

"This wasn't a marketing move. This wasn't a manipulative move on our part to our customers. It was simply an engineering mistake, and we're working to correct it," Phillips said.

In the coming days, he said, engineers will remove the default setting from the software program, meaning cable customers turning on their televisions will usually see the same channel they were watching when they turned the set off.

Phillips said cable customers have the power to set their own default channel. By pushing the "Settings" button on the cable remote, followed by "Power On Channel," they can choose what channel they want to see first, he said.