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Posted October 29, 2006 2:18 a.m. EST

— WRAL asked candidates in North Carolina Congressional races and the races for Wake County Sheriff and Durham County District Attorney to provide personal background information in advance of the November election. Here are their responses:

Congress, 2nd District

Bob Etheridge (D)

Dan Mansell (R)

Congress, 3rd District

Craig Weber (D)

Walter Jones (R)

Congress, 4th District

David Price (D)

Steven Acuff (R)

Congress, 6th District

Rory Blake (D)

Howard Coble (R)

Congress, 7th District

Mike McIntyre (D) Shirley Davis (R)

Congress, 8th District

Larry Kissell (D)

Robin Hayes (R)

Congress, 13th District

Brad Miller (D)

Vernon Robinson (R)

Wake County Sheriff

John Baker (D)

Donnie Harrison (R)

Durham County District Attorney

Mike Nifong (D)

Lewis Cheek (I)

Steve Monks (Write-In)