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Newest Food At The State Fair? Deep-Fried Coca-Cola

Posted October 11, 2006 11:00 a.m. EDT
Updated September 27, 2007 11:41 a.m. EDT

— Just when it seemed that vendors at the

North Carolina State Fair

have deep-fried everything possible, there's the latest offering: Deep-fried Coca-Cola.

So far, the list of items dipped into hot vegetable oil includes Oreos, Twinkies, Moon Pies and cheeseburgers. At the South Carolina State Fair, they deep-fried Ho-hos.

Here's the recipe: Mix funnel-cake batter with Coke instead of water. Pour the batter into the fryer and cook up a mass of doughy strands. Stuff into a Coca Cola cup, sprinkle with powdered sugar and douse with pure Coke syrup. Top it with whipped cream and a cherry.

Greg Seamster of the fair's concession staff says anything is good when you deep fry it. But one asked if the fried Coke comes with angioplasty.

The State Fair opens on Friday.