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Raleigh Planning Commission Debates Pros, Cons Of Proposed St. Aug Stadium

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RALEIGH, N.C. — St. Augustine's College officials believe a new 5,000-seat football stadium will propel the school into the future, but neighbors believe that plan will set them back.

Students and administrators from

St. Augustine's College

, along with residents, packed the meeting room on Tuesday with mixed opinions on the proposed stadium plan.

"We did pose numerous amendments to the plan, and none of those amendments were met by the college. They were not willing to agree to any of them," said Heidi Miller, who is opposed to the stadium.

"We are at a point now because of where we not only have to continue to develop programs, but we also have to develop facilities and that part of the growth of the institution has not been consistent with our peer institutions and our competitors," said Dianne Boardley Suber, president of St. Augustine's College.

A decision on the proposed plan is expected to come next week. The City Council is expected to vote on the issue in two weeks.