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Attorney: Judge Hill's Comments Taken Out Of Context

Posted February 3, 2004 2:31 a.m. EST

— Superior Court Judge Evelyn Hill is responding to criticism about her use of a controversial word in open court.

Hill used the "N" word during a sentencing hearing last month. That led to debate about when or if the word should be allowed, in any context, in a courtroom.

Hill's attorney released a statement saying: "The statements at issue should not be taken out of context. Judge Hill was speaking out against racism, as she has done throughout her career and life, in a very serious case."

According to the court transcript,

Hill was trying to make a point about the sacrifices others had made so African-Americans could go to college.

The mother of one of the defendants sent a complaint to the governor's office. The complaint has been forwarded to the Judicial Standards Commission.