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WRAL Apologizes For Halftime Show, Continues Fight For Community Standards

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Classless, crass and deplorable.

Those are words the Federal Communications Commission chairman used to describe the incident at the end of Sunday night's Super Bowl halftime show.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performed a duet in which he ripped off part of her costume, revealing her right breast.

Monday, the blame game began for everyone involved.

While CBS aired the game, the halftime performance was produced by its sister company, MTV. CBS officials attended rehearsals all week and said there was no warning for what happened.

The network issued an apology and said the incident did not meet its standards.

MTV also apologized and blamed the performers for what it termed an unplanned, unrehearsed action.

WRAL also is issuing its own apology, realizing a lot of people watched the game on Ch. 5. Station management deeply regrets the fact that we could not prevent the incident from coming into your home.

The station has contacted CBS management in New York to express its outrage. WRAL also has demanded that the network develop a procedure to prevent this sort of incident during live performances.

As always, WRAL thanks the many people who contacted the station to express their concerns. The station shares those concerns and promises to keep pushing until it is satisfied that its community standards will be protected in the future.

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