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Weather Cancels Referendum On Wine, Beer Sales In Barbecue

Posted January 27, 2004 4:47 a.m. EST

— The state postponed a referendum on beer and wine sales in the Harnett County township of Barbecue Tuesday about four hours after the polls opened.

"There is a hill going up to the pollng place and many cars are having difficulty getting up that hill," said Sherre Toler, director of the Harnett County Board of Elections.

Many people who went to vote ended up stranded on that hill; some of whom plowed into Tim Wicker's yard.

"I just came out and pulled a couple of cars out and just been pushing snow ever since," he said.

Wicker spent hours clearing the hill with his plow, but his efforts were too late for some who came to vote. William Gaschler looked forward to helping bring beer to Barbecue and even duct-taped tacks to his sneakers to be sure he would get there.

"I drove in first gear all the way real slow and I got up here and now, I can't cast my ballot," he said.

Gaschler said he hopes he will not need them the next time he comes to vote.

Only 15 people showed up to vote before the election was postponed. State elections officials said those votes will not count. Voters will have to vote again when the state schedules a new date.