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People, Cars Continue To Slip, Slide On Icy Neighborhood Streets

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — While major roads seem more passable, many neighborhoods and rural areas are still icebound. Many secondary roads are a sheet of ice, causing many residents to be stuck at home.

Sonja Neiger's company was operating on a two-hour delay. She said just getting into her car was a challenge. She said she did not know if her cul-de-sac will give her trouble.

"I'm giving myself a 50 percent chance," she said.

Luck was on her side, but others were not so lucky. Stacey Gillow hoped she would be able to get to work at the mall.

"Everyone likes to go to the mall, so I'll try to get there and help some customers," she said.

Gillow's boyfriend tried to help her get out of her parking lot at her town house, but her brand-new car did not make it far.

"I can't believe it -- no traction. If you don't have four-wheel drive, it's not even worth going anywhere. It's really not."

John Olive could not believe the situation he found himself in either.

"I started up the hill and came down here and then came around and all of a sudden, nothing was working. Just sliding around," he said.

With help from friends, Olive slid right into a safe parking spot.

While most people played it safe and stayed off the roads, some did not have a choice like Winston Felton, who was delivering newspapers.

"It's rough. It's dangerous at times. It's dangerous," he said.

By late Tuesday morning, crews went through hundreds of tons of sand and salt to get roads cleared.

"We're going to work at it until we get it. We've got to do it," said Albert McClain, of the Fayetteville Public Works Department.

Some residents in Johnston County had the best idea. Their road was too icy to drive on, so they took a ride on their sleds.

WRAL knows firsthand the dangers on the road. The TV station's live van was hit Tuesday by a sliding car. The driver said he was coming back from returning a movie when he hit the van.


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