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Staying Home Due To Winter Storm Not Option For Emergency Personnel

Posted January 26, 2004 4:41 a.m. EST

— When winter weather comes to the area, people are urged to stay off the roads, but for some professions, staying home is not an option.

Emergency crews in Fayetteville had a hard time Monday morning responding to calls. A fire engine spun its wheels trying to leave a scene. Moments later, an ambulance almost slid off the road into a utility pole.

"I have 4-wheel drive in the truck I drive and I've had to go slowly. It's slipping on stops and turns," paramedic Joe Cyr said.

Crews said it takes them a lot longer to respond to calls and even longer to get patients to hospitals. They often have to chop ice to carve themselves a non-slippery path.

"We just want people to realize it'll take us longer to get there today," said Capt. Kenny Tatum, of the Fayetteville Fire Department.

The Highway Patrol is discouraging travel Monday unless absolutely necessary. Motorists should use extreme caution while traveling.