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Easley Issues State Of Emergency

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Mike Easley issued a proclamation of a state of emergency Sunday to encourage people to stay off the roads during

Sunday's snow storm.

The proclamation came as snow continued to fall across most of the state. The snow turned to sleet and freezing rain.

"The roads are already slick, and, if icing occurs, there will be serious power outages," Easley said. "This storm is already making travel extremely dangerous, and we need people to stay home so they don't put their lives in danger."

A state of emergency allows the governor to use any state resources as necessary to respond to an emergency situation. This includes waiving the size and weight restrictions for vehicles transporting equipment and supplies to restore utilities and to provide debris-removal services in the state, should that become necessary.

It also allows Easley to call up the National Guard if needed. Three units -- one each in the western, central and eastern regions -- have been placed on alert as a precaution.

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