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Five Inmates Escape From Vance County Jail; 4 Captured

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HENDERSON, N.C. — Five inmates escaped from the Vance County jail Saturday after overpowering a deputy and a guard.

Four of the five have been captured.

A male deputy suffered a broken jaw and bruises. A female guard also was injured during the jailbreak.

The male deputy apparently was overpowered, and the female guard was beaten up as she rushed to his aid.

After the female was attacked, her attackers reportedly went and released two other inmates

The inmates went up to the roof, climbed over a barbed wire fence and jumped to freedom.

Four of the inmates went to a girlfriend's house about a mile from the jail. The woman apparently was afraid and called a relative, who then called 911.

Vance County deputies apprehended the four inmates at the woman's house.

The fifth inmate remained at-large Sunday morning.

The Vance County jail has a history of problems. Twelve inmates have escaped from that facility in the last four years.

In July 2002, two inmates walked to freedom through an unlocked fire door. In March 2001, three men overpowered a jailer and jumped off the roof.

Seven inmates started a fire to distract guards while they walked out of the jail in May 2000.

The sheriff said the security issues are rooted in a tight budget, and he is prepared to ask the public for help.

Specifically, the sheriff said the jail suffers from a high turnover rate and inexperienced employees.

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