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TONIGHT AT 11: Special Report Tells Parents To Take Second Look At Entrapment Hazards

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Life for 2-year-old Cassie Bolton is playful and carefree. Her mother, Sherry, said she is a lot like her older sister, Hannah.

Hannah and Cassie both loved to play in the "playhouse" Sherry's husband made from a cardboard printer box. Hannah was in it all the time, and the two girls could be heard laughing as they played in and around the box.

Until that December day in 2002.

Hannah and Cassie were playing in the box. Sherry was down the hall doing laundry. Cassie came out. Sherry went to check on Hannah.

"Her legs were sticking out," Sherry said. "I thought, you know, she kind of looks a funny color. So I went over . . . and thought I was trying to wake her up. But I had to kind of unwedge her head from the window, and I couldn't feel her breathing or anything."

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