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Kucinich Tells Supporters To Be Ready To Support Edwards

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Just hours before the Iowa caucuses were to begin Monday, WRAL's David Crabtree reported Monday from Des Moines, Iowa, that N.C. Sen. John Edwards has gotten some promising news about his presidential campaign.

According to Crabtree, Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich's campaign team told Edwards that if Kucinich does not meet the threshold to advance within the caucus system, he will ask his supporters to throw their support behind Edwards.

Kucinich has done very poorly in Iowa polling.

According to an Iowa caucus poll, voters seem to like Edwards. He had the lowest combined "unfavorable" rating of the four major candidates. Thirty-seven percent said he was "very favorable," and 39 percent said "mostly favorable."

Voting in the Iowa caucuses is scheduled to begin Monday night. Edwards hopes to finish third or better.

Polls show that 10 percent of Iowa voters are not committed to a single candidate and that many others are willing to switch.

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