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Maxton Struggles To Recover After Child Killed In Bus Accident

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ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. — Highway 71 in Maxton may be back to normal, but life in the area is not.

People who witnessed a school bus wreck that killed Sheila Hernandez continue to talk about the accident.

"You close your eyes. You hear those kids screaming," witness Weader Cummings said. "You see kids lying on the ground. You see the little faces that are terrorized and I see Sheila."

Over the past few days, residents have placed flowers by the road where Hernandez died. Her school lowered the flag to half-staff and hung ribbons in her memory.

Hernandez's funeral is scheduled for Sunday. Her mother is still recovering in Chapel Hill from her injuries suffered in the bus accident and will not be able to attend. She has asked that the burial be videotaped, so she can watch it in her hospital room.