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Llama Dies After Dog Attack In Vance County

Posted January 16, 2004 4:46 a.m. EST

— One of the llamas that were attacked by a pack of dogs in Vance County has died.

Llamas are a common fixture on the farm these days because they protect farm animals. However, two of Sidney Jewell's pet llamas, Butterscotch and Clementine, needed some extra protection themselves during a run-in with a pack of dogs.

Officials said Butterscotch died Friday as a result of his injuries.

Two of the dogs, part Chow, were caught by Vance County Animal Control Officer Johnny Jones.

"We think those two dogs came from a couple of neighbors down the road," he said. "One was in heat. I believe the male may have started it."

Meanwhile, Vance County Animal Control will search for the owners of the dogs to charge them with violating the county's leash law.