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Cary Faces Another Round Of Angst Over Annexation

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CARY, N.C. — Just when they thought the fight was over, some people in Wake County are facing another round of annexation talks by the town of Cary. Town leaders think a new plan will help them avoid future shouting matches.

"This program contains the town's policy on involuntary annexation and will identify the areas for future involuntary annexation," town planner Ricky Barker said.

Officials are looking at a recommendation to develop a comprehensive plan to make involuntary annexation easier for some folks to swallow. The long-term policy would cover three things -- criteria for annexation, priority for annexation and a timetable.

Town planners also wanted to include areas for consideration, including most of the 4,700 homes Cary tried to annex before.

"According to state policy, these areas qualify for being developed for urban purposes and they should be in Cary," Barker said.

Ron Thoreson, head of a movement called Stop Cary, said it is obvious Dutchman Downs and other neighborhoods are still on Cary's radar screen.

"The area that just got out of this mess is definitely on the bullseye," he said.

The committee decided Tuesday not to name the areas for annexation just yet. Instead, it will come after a new policy is in place. Town planners will present their long-range annexation policy -- minus the names of any specific areas -- to the council next month.


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