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Vance Leaders Debate Possible Split Of City, County Firefighting Units

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — Henderson has shared ambulance service with Vance County since 1976 and shared firefighting duties dating back to the mid-1960s. Officials are now questioning whether it is time for the joint venture to end due to the area's growing population that is straining the resources.

"From a personal challenge, I deal with two managers -- one city manager and one county manager," said Henderson Fire Chief Danny Wilkerson. "[I also have] two different governing bodies -- city council and county commissioners. Politically, it's tough sometimes."

However, not everyone agrees a change needs to be made. County Manager Jerry Ayscue thinks the combined effort to keep everyone safe works just fine.

"If it's not broke, don't fix it," Ayscue said. "It has worked extremely well. We are a small community and a small county with one large town, one large city, so this works extremely well for us."

County commissioners talked about the issue Monday at the courthouse in Henderson.