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DOT Gives Green Light For Traffic Light At Dangerous West Raleigh Intersection

Posted January 5, 2004 2:13 a.m. EST

— Near misses every day, crashes every week and one death -- drivers jammed phone lines at the state Department of Transportation with complaints about an intersection in West Raleigh.

Now, something is going to be done at Lumley Road and Brier Creek Parkway.

Drivers are frustrated with what they call an annoying and dangerous intersection.

"It's a nightmare trying to cross it. I come through here twice a day, sometimes three times a day, and it's a nightmare," driver Phil Quinn said.

One driver died from injuries in a wreck at the intersection on Dec. 23.

Drivers are seeing red because there is no traffic light at the intersection.

"There's no light. People are in a hurry. They should never have put this intersection in here without a light -- it's just disgraceful," Quinn said.

Kevin Lacy heads the DOT's Traffic Safety Unit. He said dozens of drivers called his office complaining about Brier Creek at Lumley.

The safety unit landed a federal grant to study the area. The study found that from September to December there were 46 wrecks at the intersection. The DOT has now persuaded Brier Creek's developer to pay for the traffic light.

The DOT said a traffic light will go up at the intersection within three months.

"We are public servants, we do respond to people's requests," Lacy said.

It will not work everywhere for every road safety request, but the message from this intersection is clear: if enough people complain enough times to the DOT, there are creative funding sources to get the job done.

"I'm glad to see they finally have something in the plans in the works it'll definitely help," driver Glenn Thomas said.

To report a dangerous road problem, call (877) DOT-4-YOU and direct your complain to the Traffic Safety Unit.