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Raleigh Council Approves Redesigned Nativity Scene

Posted December 6, 2006 10:14 a.m. EST

— A local group received permission from the Raleigh City Council Tuesday night to erect a Nativity scene in Moore Square with a decidedly Christian theme.

The group Called 2 Action want to build the Nativity scene and add religious scripture to the display.

"It's got all the nativity figures that you would normally expect to see," said group spokesman Steve Noble. "It also has a star that rises above it. And next to it we've got a banner -- it's about eight by four feet -- with scripture verses, as well a message in the middle about asking people to give Jesus the best present they can on his birthday, which is their hearts."

Last December, the group requested and won approval from the city to put up a Nativity scene, as well as Kwanzaa and Hanukkah decorations. This year, they didn't request the same non-Christian displays, but both the group and the city said they welcome all holiday decorations.

Local companies will donate the materials and labor for this year's scene. Work could begin as soon as Friday.