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Christmas Miracle Comes In Form Of Van For Johnston County Family

Posted December 30, 2003 9:42 a.m. EST

— A family in Johnston County has proof that Christmas miracles really do happen.

Imagine being paralyzed and confined to a bed and the only way you could go anywhere was if a half dozen people lifted you into a van. Such was the life of Wayne Flowers, until a local car dealership granted his Christmas wish.

Flowers was born with spina bifida. His family could not afford to buy a van equipped with a lift, so his sister in-law, Gayle, sent out letters to local car dealerships asking for a van. Gayle Flowers said she did not think anyone would take her request seriously. "Don't you know these people are sitting back laughing at me asking to donate a van," she said. Heister Chevrolet came to the rescue, delivering a new van to the family's front door.

Now, Gayle Flowers is the one laughing. "I started jumping and yelling," she said.

Wayne Flowers' first trip in the van was to the mall and then the movies. He said he is ready for a long road trip.

"New York or Hollywood," he said.