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Raleigh Woman Inches Closer To New Lease On Life

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh woman is going into the holidays with a whole new look. WRAL updates the progress of Cheryl Hardy, whose makeover has special meaning.

Hardy started two months ago with extensive plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry. For the 53-year-old woman, a makeover means more than just improving her appearance. It is a chance to break through the depression that took hold of her 10 years ago when her husband committed suicide.

"I think the grief time is over. It's time to move beyond that and this is going to really help," Hardy said.

Hardy headed for a trip to the spa for some finishing touches on her face. She began with permanent make-up.

"Her eyebrows are very light and they don't really give her face very much definition," make-up artist Heidi Lassiter said.

After testing for shape and color, Lassiter gave Cheryl new eyebrows with a special tattoo that will fade over time, but it will never wash off. Over several visits, Hardy will also get permanent eyeliner and lipstick.

Next, Hardy underwent a facial procedure called microdermabrasion to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. She later had collagen injections to fill out her lips and lift her smile.

"I'm going to restore the shape, bring back Cheryl's shape that she had maybe 15-20 years ago," collagen specialist Beth Russell said.

The other step to improve Hardy's smile required another visit to the cosmetic dentist. Dr. Jim Harold put in permanent veneers that are straighter, broader and whiter than her original teeth.

"The color's good. The shape is good and they're not going to be sensitive like they were," Hardy said.

Hardy plans to have LASIK eye surgery after the holidays.


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