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Warren County Outreach Program Helps Those In Need

Posted December 18, 2003 4:23 a.m. EST

— At a Warren County church, there is an extra large closet set up for people in need.

An armload of clothes for her children to wear was a great gift for Josephene Plummer. She said she cannot afford to buy them clothes because she is unemployed.

"It will help a lot because I have an 8-year-old daughter and I got a coat for her and my 3-year-old little boy," she said.

Plummer got clothes from the Clothes Closet in Norlina, a new outreach program from the Gospel Baptist Church. Members converted two trailers that were used for Sunday School classes into a storehouse of clothing, furniture even utensils for anyone who needs them.

"We've got a lot of needy people in this area. They come by all the time looking for help," pastor Davy Mayo said.

The items from the Clothes Closet are free as well as the message Mayo hopes they carry.

"We feel like this is one of the ways that we can demonstrate the love of Christ to people," Mayo said.

The Clothes Closet welcomes any donations. They don't have to be clothing. Household items are also needed.