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Sculpture At RDU International Honors Wright Brothers' Achievement

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — There is a permanent reminder of the

Wright Brothers' accomplishments

at RDU International Airport.

"The Triangle Icon" is an 80,000-pound sculpture meant to capture the Wright Brothers' spirit and celebrate the centennial of flight.

The idea for a public sculpture as a symbol for the Triangle region was conceived several years ago by the First Flight Steering Committee. RDU was chosen as the ideal location for the sculpture since over the years it has become a gateway to the region.

"Orville and Wilbur Wright built a strong foundation for an industry that would spread its wings in the wake of their achievement," said RDU Airport Director John Brantley. "Their invention has helped to shape our world and our community. The airport was the first public facility in the Triangle region to be created through inter-county cooperation, so it is only fitting that these same governments together honor the 100th anniversary of powered flight."

The ellipse, which circles around the outside, stretches 120 feet -- the exact distance the Wright Brothers flew 100 years ago.