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Displaced Workers From Henderson Plant Fire To Receive Pay, Benefits

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — Monday's fire

at the

E.T.C. Co. of Henderson

came close to ending the jobs of 50 workers, but the owner of the janitorial supply company announced Wednesday that workers will continue receiving pay and benefits. However, some people in that area are not as lucky.

Leroy Steed plays a lot of basketball these days to take his mind off his troubles. He lost his job seven months ago. He said he cannot find work and his unemployment benefits ran out last week.

"It takes the merry out of Christmas," he said. "You've got to pinch every penny. I mean you almost have to double check."

"There is absolutely nothing for that individual once those extended benefits end," said Sara Wester, of the state's Employment Security Commission.

Officials say Vance County's unemployment rate is at nearly 13 percent.


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