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Moore County Family Has Special Reason To Celebrate Saddam's Capture

Posted December 16, 2003 5:23 a.m. EST

— As local families celebrate the capture of Saddam Hussein, a family in Moore County had a special reason to gloat.

A member of that family took part in finding the Ace of Spades.

A yellow ribbon hung outside the Wilson family's house in Aberdeen on Tuesday. Inside, the family celebrated not the return of their soldier, but something almost as special.

"As far as I'm concerned, my son is a hero," Nellie Wilson said.

Wilson's son, Sgt. Major Larry Wilson, helped catch Saddam Hussein. Relatives have been e-mailing pictures ever since, especially one of Larry posing by the hole where Saddam was hiding -- and where Larry helped load $750,000 found with Saddam

"I'm still walking on cloud nine," Nellie Wilson said. "I was elated when I found out they had captured Saddam Hussein."

Larry Wilson graduated from Pinecrest High School back in the 1970s. A short time after that, he joined the Army, with no idea he would make history.

"It's been a beautiful time, because we are very, very proud of him," Nellie Wilson said.

All along, Larry Wilson has written letters to his family. One of the most recent mentions "daily raids" and "nightly combat patrols" -- the kind that ultimately led troops to Saddam.

"They're all heroes," Nellie Wilson said. "My son just happens to be one of them."

It appears Larry Wilson does not see it that way. In a letter, he wrote "everyone that supports us are our heroes," as well as his fellow soldiers.

"If he was here today," Nellie Wilson said, "he would tell you that he didn't do anything; his men did it."

Nellie Wilson said she has not had a chance to speak directly with her son yet. But she said he called his wife, telling her he had been up for 24 hours and needed to get some rest.