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Cumberland Group Home Constantly Draws Attention Of Neighbors, Deputies

Posted December 5, 2003 7:18 a.m. EST

— A group home in Cumberland County draws a lot of attention from authorities.

Deputies have responded to 107 calls at the group home, located at 4702 Dominion Road, over the last two years -- everything from the violent to the explicit.

"This house has problems with men going outside and taking down their underwear, rubbing up against trees, breaking out windows and setting arson fires," said resident Deborah Hanley, who wants someone to do something about the house.

Ralm Inc. owns the group home. Employees who work for Ralm said they are aware of the allegations and are investigating.

In a statement to WRAL, Cumberland County mental health officials say they have "started a review" of the house and it is still continuing, but Hanley does not buy it.

"They're wandering up and down the neighborhood," Hanley said. "This is supposed to be supervised housing. Why aren't they supervised?"

Cumberland County Sheriff Earl "Moose" Butler said his staff is already short on manpower and wishes the group home could have more supervision.

"They need people who can supervise these people without having to call deputies to come out there and help them," he said. "That's not our job."

The owners of the home, Cumberland County health officials and state licensing agents are all looking into the complaints.