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Durham Shelter Still Needs Help Adopting Animals

Posted December 4, 2003 6:49 a.m. EST

— The

Durham County Animal Shelter

still needs your help getting dogs out before construction comes in.

In November, WRAL reported that dogs needed foster homes due to impending construction at the animal shelter.

The construction project includes adding 50 new dog runs to the facility located at 2117 East Club Boulevard. The project also includes renovating the 58 dog runs currently used to house the thousands of dogs that come to the shelter each year. The renovations are badly needed and will improve the living conditions of the dogs once completed. However, in order to renovate the dog runs, all of the dogs must be removed from the runs.

Since WRAL's initial report, renovations have been delayed a few weeks, but workers say dogs are always coming in. Sixty-four dogs and puppies, 28 cats and kittens, and one ferret have been adopted and 30 foster homes have been found. However, there are still animals at the Durham County Animal Shelter that need homes.