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Renters Want To Bring More Hispanics To Apartment Living

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RALEIGH, N.C. — While the number of people renting has leveled off, the number of Hispanics continues to grow and many are looking for apartment housing.

Hundreds of apartment managers are attending diversity workshops, hoping to develop marketing strategies. They hope breaking down language and cultural barriers could build up business.

"It's money out there. There's a lot of money out there," said Jeanette Lopez-Miller, of Drucker and Falk.

It is something the apartment community where Hernandez lives figured out. She said the calm and the quiet is what attracted Norma Hernandez to Oxford Square.

"The office people explained to me everything about the apartment," he said.

Claudia Cortes, assistant apartment manager for Oxford Square, says only months ago occupancy was at 84 percent.

"We are, like, 96 percent and it's especially Hispanic residents we have right now," she said.

Apartment occupancy rates are currently at 89 percent which is well below the expected average. Officials said 96 percent is considered the norm.