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Lung Association Hopes Fundraiser Breathes Life Into Giving

Posted November 26, 2003 10:16 a.m. EST

— The economy may be improving, but some nonprofit groups are still lagging behind.

It is as if the American Lung Association of North Carolina has taken a financial punch to the stomach. So it is no wonder its latest fund raising effort is so breathtaking.

It is a $2.5 million house in Cary, an open house where visitors make donations at the door and bid on items.

"The home is 9,900 square feet. There are six full baths and there are four half baths," said Beth Parker, community sales associate. "A portion of that money is donated to the American Lung Association."

The donations could not come at a better time. Times are tough at the American Lung Association of North Carolina, based in Raleigh.

The association has had to cut programs and staff. In fact, it now has half the staff it once had.

"Daily it means there's a lot more on everyone's plate," said Sarah Cox of the American Lung Association.

As donations have dropped, lung disease has increased. Researchers see a connection.

"I'd say that's pretty dire. If we can't have the kinds of resources we need to reduce lung disease as a major cause of death, that's almost as dire as it gets," said Sarah Cox.

The house is in the Birklands Neighborhood off Penny Road in Cary. It is open for tours though Dec. 7.