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TONIGHT AT 11: Special Report Goes Behind Scenes With 'CSI: Raleigh'

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RALEIGH, N.C. — When a big crime happens in Wake County, the scene is crawling with cops. But there is one person whose work could make or break the case.

He is a crime scene investigator. He could singlehandedly solve a crime based on a single piece of evidence.

Agent Jeffrey Taylor works for the City/County Bureau of Identification known as CCBI. Seventeen CCBI agents handle crime scene investigations for law enforcement agencies in Wake County. They are assigned about 9,000 cases a year.

The agents collect and process physical evidence, like fingerprints and DNA, in crimes ranging from break-ins to murders. But Taylor says his work is a lot different than television dramas would have you believe.

To find out just how different, watch WRAL News tonight at 11

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