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Farm Animals Stir Debate for Johnston Co. Neighborhood

Posted December 1, 2006 12:09 a.m. EST

— A Johnston County neighborhood is trying to fend off one resident's farm animals and the mess they leave behind.

Residents say they have complained about the noise and smells from the goats, chickens, cattle and horses owned by Will Young. They also say the animals get out of their lots.

Young, who says he rescues the animals, admits that the animals get out on occasion, but he added that they don't generally roam around the neighborhood.

Although the neighborhood falls under Princeton zoning jurisdiction, it is not within the town limits. Princeton's ordinance regulating how many and what types of animals people can have does not apply there.

"I really think that somebody should take and have responsibility for this," said resident Roy Worley.

As recently as Wednesday, Johnston County animal control officers had been out to inspect the animals but found no county violations. The department did, however, warn Young to keep them better contained.

They also ordered that he have a veterinarian inspect one of the animals, but officers found no reason to confiscate any of them.