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WRAL Tradition Transforms TV Tower Into Tree

Posted December 2, 2003 6:09 a.m. EST

— A WRAL-TV holiday tradition continued Monday as the station's 300-foot TV tower was transformed into a 300-foot Christmas tree.

WRAL-TV anchors David Crabtree, Pam Saulsby, Gerald Owens and Debra Morgan were among the people on-hand to celebrate the 44th annual tower lighting.

Musical guests included the St. Francis Brass Band -- WRAL Chief meteorologist Greg Fishel is a tuba-playing member -- and the Martin Luther King Jr. Children's Choir.

WRAL's lit tower has won a community appearance award from the Citizen's Advisory Council of Raleigh, and raves from passers-by.

Three 5-foot stars adorn the top of the tower and 2,890 colored lights keep it glowing throughout the holiday season.

Located at the WRAL-TV Studios on Western Boulevard in Raleigh, the lighted tower can be seen for miles through New Year's Day.