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Lillington Woman Spent 19 Nights In Jail Over Refinancing Issue

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LILLINGTON, N.C. — A Lillington woman is glad to be back home since she spent her nights at the Harnett County Jail for almost three weeks over a refinancing issue.

Earlier this year, Sheryl Larson and her husband got divorced. Judge Albert Corbett told her to refinance the home and remove her ex-husband from debt. Larson said she tried different banks and kept getting turned down because she did not have enough credit, so she went back to court, empty-handed.

Corbett decided to hold Larson in contempt. She told her she was going to jail every night and weekend until she refinanced her home.

"I just laid on the floor, staring at the cement, just crying. I just couldn't believe I was in this situation," Larson said.

Larson's children said they were shocked to hear about their mother going to jail.

"My brother needed to talk to me. I went up to him. He was like, 'they put Mommy in jail.' I was like, 'What?'" said Alexandra Larson, Sheryl's daughter.

Larson was allowed go to work each day, but at night, she had to return to her cell.

"There's one cot, a shower and a toilet with a sink and the two other women sleep on the floor," she said.

Larson is home now after working out a deal with her ex-husband. He does not have to pay alimony and she does not have to refinance the home.

"It's good having her back, knowing that she's back at the house," said D.J. Larson, Sheryl's son.

Larson plans to file a complaint against Corbett. She said his approach was too extreme. WRAL tried to find Corbett Tuesday for his response, but was unable to reach him.


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