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Police Investigate Series Of Thefts At North Raleigh Storage Facility

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh police are investigating what appears to be a major burglary operation. Thieves cleaned out 22 units at a storage facility.

The thefts occurred at the mini-storage Morningstar facility at 4222 Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh. The storage units are surrounded by a gate in the front that is locked on the weekend. The only people with access to the storage units are customers.

"I feel like I have been taken advantage of. I don't even know who did it," burglary victim Allison Allen said. "It's a mixture of sadness, anger and frustration."

Police say the thieves may have tailgated a customer who was entering the facility. Investigators believe the thieves used a crowbar to break into the units and used a truck to haul them out of the facility. Police say among the stolen items are furniture, tools and electronics.

Some tenants said they plan to move their belongings out of storage and back home because they believe their items will be safer there.

"I was shocked, really shocked because I'm always very careful, and I don't expect to have any break-ins anywhere," tenant Nadine Schuster said.

The thefts were discovered on Monday, but officials do not know when all of the thefts occurred because some customers do not check the units on a regular basis.

Police say they have some strong leads in the case.