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Police: Victim In Apparent Murder-Suicide Had Been Stalked For Months

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DURHAM, N.C. — Durham police investigators said a woman found shot to death in her apartment did not stand a chance against the man who shot her before killing himself.

Amena Khan, 23, of 1020 Country Lane and Najeebullah Naimee, 27, of Dartmouth Road in Raleigh were found shortly after midnight Thursday inside Khan's apartment in southern Durham.

Nearly a year ago, Khan filed a report with North Carolina State University's campus police, accusing Naimee of stalking her. However, the case was closed because she declined to prosecute.

"After an investigation, we determined the appropriate charges were harassment and infliction or threat of bodily harm," campus police spokesman Tim Lucas said.

The case went before the student conduct committee. Naimee told the board the two were romantically involved; Khan said it was not true. Naimee was later found guilty of harassment and ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling. The university suspended Naimee and ordered him to stay away from Khan.

Naimee never provided the university with any proof he underwent counseling and he dropped out.

On Tuesday, police said Naimee sat in a van parked at The Lodge at Southpoint apartments and waited for Khan to come home, then ambushed her as she was entering her apartment. Investigators believe Naimee shot Khan twice before shooting himself. Investigators recovered a firearm at the scene.

"We have found no evidence that there was ever a romantic relationship between these two people," Sgt. B.P. Hallan of the Durham Police Department said.

Police found the victims after Khan's husband called them saying he had not heard from his wife in days. Police said Naimee was loaded down with ammunition. Khan was found with her car keys still clutched in her hand.

A friend of Naimee said he was a kind person and said it did not sound like the person she knew. Naimee was buried Friday. Khan's family plans to take her home to Wisconsin for funeral arrangements.