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911 Details Of Deadly Raleigh Weekend Accident Released

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911 Details Of Deadly Raleigh Weekend Accident Released
RALEIGH, N.C. — There is a better understanding of what happened with a deadly car accident over the weekend. Several 911 calls that were placed that night have been released. In addition, the family of the man accused of running down eight people while driving drunk apologized to the victim's families.

A group of people stopped Saturday night at the intersection of Nowell Road and N.C. Highway 54 in west Raleigh to help two victims of a car accident. Moments later, they became victims themselves.

Caller to 911:

"I reported an accident before and we just had a van collide with, like, the entire accident team."

A caller can be heard trying to calm one of the victims in the original accident.


"Just relax. OK Ma'am. It's not your fault at all."

Some people who were at the scene knew how serious the situation was.

911 Dispatcher:

"Does anyone appear to be completely awake?"


"Completely awake?"

911 Dispatcher:



"People appear to be, like, dead."

When it was over, six Good Samaritans -- Dennis Bowes, Bryan Tutor, Nolan Myers, Christopher Clemons, Robert Alfaro and Gene Marie Louise Alfaro -- were all killed.

Two people who stopped to help that night survived the crash. Coy Woolard is said to be in good condition after more surgery Thursday on his broken arm. He is also recovering from a broken neck and pelvis. Walter Manning is listed in fair condition.

Larry Robert Veeder, 32, is charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter and DWI. His family released a


Thursday to the family of the victims. In it, they say, "those of us who know Rob know that he would give his life if he could bring back even one of your family members."

Veeder in in the Wake County Jail. His family is expected to travel in from out of state this weekend to meet with his attorney.