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Victim Recounts Moments Leading Up To Raleigh Weekend Accident

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Victim Recounts Moments Leading Up To Raleigh Weekend Accident
RALEIGH, N.C. — Several people stopped to help with an accident over the weekend when an accused drunk driver barreled through the scene and killed six of them. Two of the people who stopped to help survived the crash and one of them is publicly speaking out what happened that fateful night.

Coy Woolard said he, along with Walter Manning and Nolan Myers, were on their way to Chapel Hill when they helped some victims of a car accident in west Raleigh Saturday night. As they were helping them, authorities say a driver came through and hit them.

"They got the guy out of the car eventually. We were trying to prop the guy's head up," Woolard said. "I saw Nolan get blankets out of the back of a jeep. We started walking back over there and I don't remember what happened."

Authorities say a vehicle driven by Larry Veeder came through and hit Woolard and other Good Samaritans who came to help. Woolard suffered a broken neck, pelvis and arm. Manning was seriously injured. Myers and five other Good Samaritans were killed.

Woolard will undergo surgery on his arm Thursday.

Veeder was arrested and charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter and DWI. Members of Veeder's family have released a


, expressing their condolences to the victims and their families.

Some of the victims from the accident were laid to rest Wednesday.



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